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Support for accelerating sustainable development !

Help build a greener future by taking part in the Virage vert program. You’ll get specialized expertise to help you improve your environmental and economic performance

Program objective

 Stimulate in a concrete manner the greening of the regional ecosystem of Quebec and particularly of businesses, by building on their strengths, expertise or potential in sustainable development. The project must quickly lead to a tangible application/use. 

Eligible projects

Here are some examples:  

  • Optimizing of waste management and process 

  • Optimizing energy consumption and energy efficiency  

  • Analysis of greenhouse gas reduction potential  

  • Analysis of the life cycle of a product  

  • Ecodesign  

  • Optimization shipping procedures 

  • Sustainable sourcing  

  • Carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission reduction  

Eligible costs

Professional fees


75 % of eligible costs to a maximum of $7,000 per project


Daniel Gaudet

General Director

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