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Assistance to start or improve your presence online !  

The SADC offers you a free consultation service to improve the effectiveness of your communications and digital marketing.   

Social media


  • Create a professional Facebook page

  • Manage and optimize an existing Facebook page

  • Create a professionnal Instagram account

  • Manage and optimize an existing Instagram account

  • Best practices on social media

  • Tips to making powerful posts

  • Tips to creating stories

  • Evaluation of your current use of social media  

  • Other (according to your needs)  

  • Create, claim and manage your Google Business account

  • Create a Google account   

  • Google tools (Gmail, Google photos, Google calendar, Google Drive, etc.)

Marketing and communications

  • Tips to teach consumer

  • Tips to promote your products

  • Tips and tricks for attracting and retaining employees  

  • Analyzing your current marketing and communications  

  • Canva: creating visuals and using the application effectively  


  • Analysis of your goals and needs  

  • Evaluation of your current website  


Katherine Wanamaker

Marketing advisor

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