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Other planned financing (Specify the amount, if applicable)

3. ENTREPRENEUR'S IDENTIFICATION - first-time entrepreneur -

ENTREPRENEUR'S IDENTIFICATION - second entrepreneur - (if applicable)

ENTREPRENEUR'S IDENTIFICATION - third entrepreneur - (if applicable)


Past bankruptcy


I hereby authorize the SADC to carry out with any individual, commercial concern, organization or institution, all forms of enquiry that it may deem necessary.

I hereby authorize the SADC to obtain or exchange personal information from or with any personal information officer for the purpose of establishing or verifying my financial situation. This authorization is valid for the period preceding the obtaining of credit as well as for the entire period during which the file is active with the SADC.

I am aware that the request I am submitting to the SADC may not necessarily be approved. Any steps I may take or decisions I may make prior to obtaining the SADC’s decision are my full and entire responsibility.

I renonce any legal action against the SADC as regards damages related to any advice that the SADC and/or its representatives may have given me in good faith and recognize that the present request constitutes in no way an obligation on the part of the SADC.

I authorize Canada Economic Development to verify the use that will be made of the SADC’s financial assistance.

I accept


If applicable, the terms of any authorized financial assistance shall be outlined in a letter of offer to be submitted to the business.

These declarations are made for the purpose of obtaining financial assistance from the SADC des Îles and are, to the best of our knowledge, accurate and true in all respects. The business agrees that any additional information required by the SADC des Îles shall be submitted before the request for financial assistance can be taken into consideration.

Required documents

Attach your documents
Attach your documents
Attach your documents
Attach your documents
Attach your documents
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